Transitions Dance Company at Egomio Cultural Centre ,20th of May 2017 at 8.30pm

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10€ (for children up to 10 years old, soldiers, students,pensioners)

Watch a short trailer of the triple bill performance

Transitions Dance Company is the UK’s leading student dance company, featuring 12 superb dancers at the start of stellar careers. For 2017, Transitions presents a brand new triple bill of freshly commissioned contemporary works by choreographers Cristian Duarte, Oded Ronen and Charles Linehan. This surprising, intriguing and captivating performance offers work ranging from the cool and casual to bold emotionally charged technical work and hypnotic choreography for an engaging and enjoyable night out.

Running Time: 90 minutes including a 20 minute interval

Cristian Duarte,’ &’

Set to an arrhythmic electronic score by composer Tom Monteiro, Duarte’s work invites the dancers to (re)visit and plunder their physical and conceptual memory banks. Humorous, bizarre and off-centre, the piece twists and turns like an unknown river being navigated for the first time. The audience is clearly implicated in the unfolding of this work, playing its part in framing and defining the action.

Oded Ronen, ‘Kintsugi’

Tender, vulnerable, dynamic and complex, Oded Ronen’s work is a very human experience. Featuring new music by Ronen Kozokaro, the company perform refined technical movement that shimmers with an emotional pulse and heart. Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, through solos, partnering and group formations the dancers inhabit a broken, lonely and fragmented world, searching for (re)connection and community.

Charles Linehan, ‘Νοthing but time’

Dance and drone technology collide in Charles Linehan’s work, with a bird’s eye view on choreography. Performers move in the space with an elegant, pared-down style, the physicality ranges from the pedestrian to weighted articulate manipulation. Are we witnessing their activity with their permission, or are they caught up in a world, oblivious to our possibly intrusive gaze?

“Electrifying and innovative… Brilliant choreography” – The Stag

Find out more about the company and the 2017 triple bill by visiting their website