Eight weeks of rehearsals with 6 dancers. Having an empty book with lots of pages in our hands.

With our tool , the BODY, the request was to feel, interpret, reveal and narrate little stories of their being.Surpassing their limits we made the ALOGA story, which could be said in many other ways. Ivi,Giannis,Stephanie and Reggina with dance studies in classical and contemporary dance. Konstantinos and Adonis with dance studies in street dance.

The journey full of challenges and difficulties at the same time. The body has surpassed the limits and the zones of convenience. Having a common target in the creation of the work, the gravity and the flow of motion no matter what kind of dance language exists in the body. By focusing exclusively on the senses, the relationships of the bodies, to what really moves the bodies without forgetting the mind spot from where motion begins and evolves.

Idea/direction/choreography: Elena Christodoulidou
Creation/performance: Ivi Hadjivasileiou,Stephanie Papadopoulou,Reggina Markidou,Giannis Economides,Constantinos Papamethodiou,Adonis Kyriakides
Dramaturgy: Giannis Karaoulis
Music: Christina Georgiou
Stage set up, costumes: Lakis Genethlis
Masks: Martha Foka
Lighting designer: Cecilia Tselepidi
Production manager: Marcos Grammatikopoulos

Terpsichore program 2018 | Ministry of Education and culture