The work was presented in the framework of Terpsichore program of the Ministry of Education and culture, at Egomio Cultural Centre.

This work was the first work to be premiered at Egomio black box theatre for the opening of the centre in October 2013.
The mind game of our times wants the Cypriot society to seek the way out of the deadlock by recycling the dominant guilts that created them. In this way, the Cypriot society exhaust its resistances, and weakened is trying to face an extremely risky perception of reduced expectations for its future.

Choreography: Elena Christodoulidou
Dancers: Viky Kalla, Luciana Papadaki, Oded Ronen, Robin Kein
Actress: Anna Yiagiozi
Music: Haris Sophocleous
Text: Antonis Skordilis
Costumes, Scenery: Lakis Genethlis
Lighting designer: Alex Jotovic