This work was commissioned to the choreographer by the Cyprus Government for the official celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Cyprus independence.

Dividing lines seem to be always ready to be abolished but still remain. Their prolonged presence generates exhaustion that weakens the defenses and create the need to adapt to the absurd reality. The ruling game of manipulation always enforces its rules.

Choreography: Elena Christodoulidou
Dancers: Elena Hatzidaki, Penelope Georgiadou, Maria Poyiatzi, Rania Charalampidou, Viky Kalla, Antonis Antoniou, Antonis Vais, Paul Blackman, Vova Zak, Yoav Grinberg, Blenard Azizaj.
Music: Demetris Zavros
Costumes, scenery: Lakis Genethlis
Visual art: Nicos Synnos