Presented at Egomio cultural centre. Funded by Terpsichore program of the Ministry of education and culture.

This work was inspired by the book of writer and sociologist Andreas Kouzelis ‘Dreams visitors’. Andreas is a writer with celebral palsy.

We are all an illusion and that is the reason we do not break out …
Four characters. They escape from a dream. They develop, evolve, transform, compete, complete within a few seconds. While holding a dream. Again and again from scratch, until exhausted. Blocked not only in time but also in space. In the smallest possible space, the size of which does not exist in any common mind. Their life breathes from a guilty secret.It raises life to a guilty secret. But it is not theirs …
The actions of the dancers is the product of a silent agreement or conspiracy between them and the choreographer. The aim is to overturn the racism stereotypes imposing social exclusion on people with disabilities.

Choreography: Elena Christodoulidou
Dancers: Yoav Grinberg, Viky Kalla, Shani Katzman, Eva Kalomoiri/Zoe Giorgallis.
Performer: Andreas Kouzelis
Live music: Vicky Anastasiou
Costumes, scenery: Lakis Genethlis
Visual art: Antonis Rellas
Text: Antonis Skordilis