A site specific performance in the framework of 11th Summer dance festival of New Movement of dance companies, dancers and choreographers of Cyprus.

-Not here, not even here. Not yet.
-If not here , then where?
-Somewhere else. So you can not be seen from … the other side.
-Not yet, not yet…
During creative process: Four appointments for a permission to present my new performance at a chosen space in the center of Lefkosia. Four UN officers, four recurring response patterns. Not here, not even here. Not yet.
This place seems to be a composition of dozens of “not here” and “not yet”. The fullest and tightest possible composition of space and time constraints. They are not declared as such unless they are challenged. Repetitive exercises of freedom, palpate its shape and besiege its protective ‘skin’, claiming to pre-declare its forbidden content.
Not here. Not yet…

Choreography: Elena Christodoulidou
Dancers: Viky Kalla, Eva Kalomoiri , Zoe Georgallis
Music: Paul Pavey
Costumes: Lakis Genethlis