This site specific project was part of the official cultural program of the Cyprus EU presidency in 2012.

Starting point Solomou square , House of Parliament, Fytorio, Nicosia Municipal Gardens, Chateau Status(Ledra Palace checkpoint). There are no ideal final destinations, each journey is unique. The journey plan defines critical stations. Those who identify the steps that have preceded and inspire what follows. Until the next station. The journey belongs to those who believe in trails and follow them. To those seeking the charm of inspiration. Through the thought of the proposed routes of travel, we conceive connections between the tang of everyday life and the nakedness of the dream, between the constant literal repetition and the instantaneous “metaphor’’ through which we interpret, between the need to live in boundaries and the dual need to envision freedom, the liberation of our limits.

Choreographers:Elena Christodoulidou (Cyprus)
Guest choreographers: Ido Tadmor,(Israel), Aliki Kazouri (Greece) ,Stella Eftychiou(Cyprus)
Dancers: Eleni Hatzidaki, Alexia Nicolaou,Viky Kalla,Stella Eftychiou,Antonis Antoniou,Penelope Georgiadou, Elena Christodoulidou,Marina Poyiatzi, Ido Tadmor,Shani Katzman,Ekin Bernay,Stella Eftychiou,Rania Fovou,Fotini Perdikaki, Alexia Perdikaki, Maria Fountouli,Elena Topalidou, Georgia Koutoumba,Anna Piperi,Mikaella Popovic,Maria Masonou.
Performers: Antonis Skordilis, George Anagnostou
Costumes,stage set up: Lakis Genethlis