A Butoh Workshop with Tamar Borer

“The flower exists as a being that dedicates its beauty to the universe: the beauty of opening to the sun light, the beauty of dying, and the beauty of becoming new each and every day.” Kazuo Onoh, founder of Butoh, in Japan
This Butoh- soul dance workshop invites the participants to experience a wondrous journey into our inner being.
This journey travels through different states of mind, feelings and sensations with the ability to transform and to express hidden parts of ourselves in free movement.
The workshop is based on the fundamental ideas of the Butoh dance that give a new perspective to the understanding of time, rhythm, space, inner motion and the expression of our being as an integrated part of the universe.
Tamar borer, a performance artist, dancer, Butoh- soul dance teacher and guided imagination therapist. Tamar substantiates a unique dancing craftsmanship that she has developed throughout 20 years of research
Since 1988, Tamar creates, dances and performs solo, duets and ensemble co productions in Israel and throughout the world. In 1990, Tamar was involved in a serious car accident that left her paralyzed in both legs. Despite the accident she continues to dance, create, teach and perform professionally with dedication, energy and wholehearted love of dancing.